$10,000 referral bonuses, shutting down the SQL Service, and more integrations

:money_with_wings: We’ve got a few important announcements and new features to share: We are offering a $10,000 USD referral bonus to anyone who refers us a candidate that we hire and who stays at Pipedream for 6 months. This referral bonus is valid for any of our open roles, including a new Lead Data / Analytics Engineer opening (see #jobs). Please send referrals to referrals@pipedream.com!

:exclamation: We’ve made the hard decision to shut down the Pipedream SQL Service on February 10th, 2022. This blog post contains details on the timeline, why we decided to retire the service, and many suggested alternatives (with example workflows for each). If you’re actively using the SQL Service, you’ll receive a follow up email from me. Please let us know if you have any questions at all about this.

:lock: We’ve disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 traffic to Pipedream HTTP endpoints / the Pipedream UI. This should not affect modern browsers / services in any way, so it should have no impact on your workflows. These versions of TLS have known vulnerabilities, so this is a best-practice.

:running_woman: We did some work to speed up workflow deploys from the UI. Previously, clicking the Deploy button could hang for a few seconds before the deploy was processed. We’ve increased the performance so it should no longer be an issue.

:computer: We have dramatically improved our process for shipping new app integrations, and have 88 new integrations to share: AeroLeads, Aha, Akeneo, Amara, Apify, Basin, Benchmark Email, Breeze, BugHerd, Canny, CastingWords, ChannelAdvisor, Chatforma, Cincopa, Cliengo, ClinchPad, CloudBees, Confection, Corsizio, Cyberimpact, DataScope, Docparser, E-goi, Elmah.io, Eventzilla, Everhour, Feedier, Followup, Formcarry, FraudLabs Pro, FreeAgent, Freshping, GoSquared, HTML/CSS to Image, HappyFox Chat, HotspotSystem, Iterate, JVZoo, KanbanFlow, LIME Go, Landbot, Leadfeeder, Magnetic, Mailmodo, Megaventory, Mojo Helpdesk, MoonClerk, Moskit, Nicereply, Noticeable, OCRSpace, PDF.co, Parseur, Pivotal Tracker, Planyo Online Booking, Pointagram, PractiTest, ProdPad, Raven Tools, RepairShopr, RescueTime, Rev, Riddle Quiz Maker, Roll, Salesflare, Sendicate, ServiceM8, Simplesat, Smoove, Snappy, Stormboard, Streak, Surveybot, Teamgate, Temi, TextIt, TimeCamp, Timekit, Totango, TransForm, Unisender, Visitor Queue, WaiverForever, WebinarGeek, bit.io, chatra, eSignatures.io, shipcloud. Thank you to @Sergio Rodriguez and @Danny (Pipedream) for leading the charge here!

:rotating_light: New sources / actions: AWS, Google Cloud, Loggly, community contributions from thatguychrisw (GitHub) and areknawo (Confection), improvements to the core HTTP actions, Spotify, Google Sheets, and Ghost.

We are still hard at work on three core things right now:

  • A new version of the workflow builder that incorporates much of the feedback users have given us over the last year (see issues with the new builder label for some of the things that the new builder will address). We believe this will substantially improve the current workflow-building experience.
  • An API / CLI for workflows, and the ability to manage workflows as code (our #1 feature request on GitHub).
  • Support for Python, bash, Golang, and other language runtimes (our #2 feature request on GitHub).

As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback.