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The Raven Tools Link Manager is the tool every whitehat backlink campaign manager needs. Store, organize, and find thousands of link opportunities. Monitor the links you lose and the links you receive.

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Raven Tools

Raven Tools API Integrations

Build and run workflows using the Raven Tools API. Use 1000s of source-available triggers and actions across 1000+ apps. Or write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds.


The Raven Tools API is an all-in-one platform that enables developers to create powerful applications that improve their online presence and enterprise marketing efforts. With Raven Tools, developers can create custom tools and utilize Raven's powerful analytics and data solutions to optimize and enhance their applications.

Raven Tools provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools that allow them to access and manage data across numerous sources. With Raven’s powerful reporting functions and data-driven insights, developers can create custom dynamic applications and processes that deliver results. This makes Raven Tools an essential tool for developing professional and efficient applications for businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Using Raven Tools, developers can build applications that:

  • Analyze and track website performance and rankings
  • Monitor social media accounts and automatically generate reports
  • Track affiliate programs and measure conversions and ROI
  • Automate email campaigns and optimize content for search
  • Create robust and interactive customer surveys
  • Analyze website traffic and understand user behavior
  • Track user engagement and improve website design and layout
  • Automate search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies
  • Integrate various data sources and build custom reporting functions
  • Create powerful analytics dashboards and monitor marketing efforts in real time
import { axios } from "@pipedream/platform"
export default defineComponent({
  props: {
    raven_tools: {
      type: "app",
      app: "raven_tools",
  async run({steps, $}) {
    return await axios($, {
      url: `https://api.raventools.com/api`,
      params: {
        key: `${this.raven_tools.$auth.api_key}`,
        method: `profile_info`,
        format: `json`,

Choose an API to Connect with Raven Tools API

apps by most popular

Add Keyword with Raven Tools API on New Requests (Payload Only) from HTTP / Webhook API
HTTP / Webhook + Raven Tools
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Send Message (Advanced) with Discord Webhook API on New Domain Added from Raven Tools API
Raven Tools + Discord Webhook
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Add Keyword with Raven Tools API on New Submission from Typeform API
Typeform + Raven Tools
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Add Keyword with Raven Tools API on Custom Events from Zoom API
Zoom + Raven Tools
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Get Film with SWAPI - Star Wars API on New Domain Added from Raven Tools API
Raven Tools + SWAPI - Star Wars
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New Domain Added from the Raven Tools API

Emit new event when a domain is added See docs here

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New Keyword Added from the Raven Tools API

Emit new event for each keyword added to a domain See docs here

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Add Keyword with the Raven Tools API

Add a keyword to a domain See docs here

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Raven Tools uses API keys for authentication. When you connect your Raven Tools account, Pipedream securely stores the keys so you can easily authenticate to Raven Tools APIs in both code and no-code steps.

In order to use Raven's API, you must create an API key for each Profile that you want to use with the API. This key is generated through the following steps:

Navigate to Preferences > Profile Manager.
Click the name of the Profile that you would like to generate an API key for.
On this page, click the Get New API Key button.