# Introduction

Sign up for a free Pipedream account (no credit card required) (opens new window) and complete this quickstart guide to learn the basic patterns for workflow development:

  • Trigger workflows on HTTP requests, schedules and app events
  • Return a custom response from your workflow on HTTP requests
  • Use connected accounts in actions and code steps
  • Pass data between code steps and no code actions
  • Use npm packages in Node.js code steps
  • Scaffold an API request in Node.js
  • End workflow execution early

This guide starts with simple examples to cover basic Pipedream concepts and builds up to a real-world use case to post richly-formatted Tweets to Slack. Many examples in this guide build on the same workflow, so we recommend that you complete them in order.

After you complete this guide and understand the basics, explore advanced features like state management, concurrency and execution rate controls and more.