Python FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Python

What's the difference between def handler(pd) and the pipedream package for Python code steps?

The pd object passed to the handler method lets you exit the workflow early, integrate a Data Store, and use connected accounts into your Python code steps.

However, at this time there are issues with our Python interpreter that is causing an ECONNRESET error.

If you need to use data from other steps or export data to other steps in your workflow, we recommend using the pipedream package module.

If you need to use a Data Store in your workflow, we recommend using a pre-built action to retrieve or store data or Node.js's Data Store capabilities.

I've tried installing a Python package with a normal import and the magic comment system, but I still can't. What can I do?

Some Python packages require binaries present within the environment in order to function properly. Or they include binaries but those binaries are not compatible with the Pipedream workflow environment.

Unfortunately we cannot support these types of packages at this time, but if you have an issue importing a PyPI package into a Python code step please open a issue.

Can I publish my Python code as a reusable pre-built action or trigger like you can with Node.js?

Not at this time. Pipedream only supports Python as a code step language. The Components system only supports Node.js at this time.

You can still duplicate Python code steps within the same workflow, but to reuse a code step, you'll need to copy and paste the Python code to another workflow.