Contributing to Pipedream

Our hope is that by providing a generous free tier, you will not only get value from Pipedream, but you will give back to improve the value of the product for the entire community. And there are so many ways you can contribute!

Follow, Star & Subscribe

Follow us on Twitter, star our Github repo and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Recommend Us!

There’s no better way of supporting Pipedream than recommending us to your friends and colleagues.

Ask & Answer Questions

Do you have a question about Pipedream or how to solve a problem? Please ask us in our community forum! Chances are that someone else has a similar question, so by helping you, we can help others encountering the same questions and challenges. Or pay it forward and help answer questions from other users.

Share Your Workflows

If you have a workflow that others may find interesting – whether it’s just a fun demo or solving a real problem – make it public and share it in our community or on Twitter. We may feature it to help new users get started and give others new ideas to try out.

Create Content

Write a blog post or create a video about how you use Pipedream. Also send it to us so we can list it on our site to send you some traffic! We also love to join live streams — just contact us!

Report Bugs

Found an issue? Report it

Submit & Vote On Feature Requests

Help us build an amazing product! Submit feature requests in our community forum, or browse existing requests on Github and vote for the features you want us to add!

Request Apps

Need an app we don’t support? Request it

Submit Updates to Docs

Did you find an error in our docs or do you think something can be improved? Our docs are on Github so anyone can submit a PR.

Develop Sources and Actions

Contribute to Pipedream’s registry of source-available components by:

  • Creating new comonents (sources and actions)
  • Updating exisiting components (e.g., fixing bugs, enhancing functionality)
  • Adding or updating metadata (e.g., descriptions, labels)

New to Pipedream components? Check our our quickstart guides for actions and sources, or review the Component API Reference for more details.