# What is Pipedream?

Pipedream is an integration platform for developers to build and run workflows that integrate apps and data.

  • Develop any workflow, based on any trigger.
  • Workflows are code, which you can run for free.
  • Workflows run serverlessly: you manage no infrastructure of your own.

# Quickstart

If you're new to Pipedream, we recommend starting with this 5 minute tutorial to learn how to:

  • Trigger a workflow on HTTP requests
  • Retrieve data from an API using Node.js and npm modules
  • Deploy and test your changes

If you want to skip the tutorial, just sign in to get started for free. If you have any questions or feedback, join us on Slack or reach out.

# No servers or infrastructure to manage

In other tools, you typically have to setup infrastructure to process events — typically you setup an HTTP endpoint, then run a script on a container, or have to manage a serverless function. This takes time to write and maintain.

Pipedream is purpose-built for running workflows on event data, so we take care of the infrastructure and boilerplate configuration for you. Pipedream lets you focus on what you want done, and we take care of how to do it for you.

# Run any Node code

Write Node.js code and require npm packages. event contains your trigger event data. Exported step data, along with standard output, appears under each code step for inline observability.

# Iterate quickly with inline observability, automatic versioning and instant deploys

See events and debug execution details in real time. Output, errors, timing, and return values appear below each step. Time travel to previous versions of code, at the time the event occurred.

# Connect to APIs without writing any code

Actions are pre-defined code steps built by the Pipedream community. Send a message to Slack or Discord, store data in S3 or Snowflake, and more, all without writing any code.

# Auth made easy

Auth apps once, connect to those apps in any workflow. Pipedream supports OAuth and key-based auth, and handles the OAuth flow and token refresh for you. Just link accounts to steps and reference the relevant auth info in code.

# It's free

The Pipedream team believes anyone should be able to run simple, low-volume workflows at no cost. Pipedream offers a generous free tier. You can run sources and workflows for free within the limits of the free tier. If you hit these limits, you can upgrade to one of our paid tiers.