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Trusted by 250,000+ developers from startups to Fortune 500 companies:
Trusted by 250,000+ developers from startups to Fortune 500 companies

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Getting Started

This integration creates a workflow with a Twilio SendGrid trigger and Slack action. When you configure and deploy the workflow, it will run on Pipedream's servers 24x7 for free.

  1. Select this integration
  2. Configure the Events (Instant) trigger
    1. Connect your Twilio SendGrid account
    2. Select one or more Event Types
  3. Configure the Send a Direct Message action
    1. Connect your Slack account
    2. Optional- Configure Send as User
    3. Optional- Configure Bot Username
    4. Optional- Configure Icon (emoji)
    5. Optional- Configure Icon (image URL)
    6. Optional- Configure Schedule message
    7. Optional- Configure Include link to workflow
    8. Optional- Configure Metadata Event Type
    9. Optional- Configure Metadata Event Payload
    10. Select a User
    11. Configure Text
    12. Optional- Configure Send text as Slack mrkdwn
  4. Deploy the workflow
  5. Send a test event to validate your setup
  6. Turn on the trigger


This integration uses pre-built, open source components from Pipedream's GitHub repo. These components are developed by Pipedream and the community, and verified and maintained by Pipedream.

To contribute an update to an existing component or create a new component, create a PR on GitHub. If you're new to Pipedream component development, you can start with quickstarts for trigger span and action development, and then review the component API reference.


Description:Emit an event when any of the specified SendGrid events is received

Trigger Code

const common = require("../common/http-based");

module.exports = {
  key: "sendgrid-events",
  name: "Events (Instant)",
  description: "Emit an event when any of the specified SendGrid events is received",
  version: "0.0.2",
  dedupe: "unique",
  props: {
    eventTypes: {
      type: "string[]",
      label: "Event Types",
      description: "The type of events to listen to",
      options(context) {
        const { page } = context;
        if (page !== 0) {
          return {
            options: [],

        const options = [
        return {
  methods: {
    baseWebhookSettings() {
      // The list of events that a webhook can listen to. This method returns an
      // exhaustive list of all such flags disabled, and each event source can
      // then override the flags that are relevant to the event they handle.
      // See the docs for more information:
      // https://sendgrid.com/docs/api-reference/
      const eventTypesData = [
      return eventTypesData.reduce((accum, eventTypeData) => ({
        [eventTypeData.value]: false,
      }), {});
    webhookEventFlags() {
      return this.eventTypes.reduce((accum, eventType) => ({
        [eventType]: true,
      }), {});
    generateMeta(data) {
      const {
        event: eventType,
        sg_event_id: id,
        timestamp: ts,
      } = data;
      const summary = `New event: ${eventType}`;
      return {

Trigger Configuration

This component may be configured based on the props defined in the component code. Pipedream automatically prompts for input values in the UI and CLI.
N/Adb$.service.dbThis component uses $.service.db to maintain state between component invocations.
Twilio SendGridsendgridappThis component uses the Twilio SendGrid app.
N/Ahttp$.interface.httpThis component uses $.interface.http to generate a unique URL when the component is first instantiated. Each request to the URL will trigger the run() method of the component.
Event TypeseventTypesstring[]Select a value from the drop down menu.

Trigger Authentication

Twilio SendGrid uses API keys for authentication. When you connect your Twilio SendGrid account, Pipedream securely stores the keys so you can easily authenticate to Twilio SendGrid APIs in both code and no-code steps.

When you create an API key, you assign scopes, or specific permissions, to the key. Sendgrid requires separate API keys for making billing-related API calls. To create an API key, navigate to Settings on the left navigation bar, and then select API keys.

More info: Creating an API key | API key permissions

About Twilio SendGrid

Delivering your transactional and marketing emails through the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. Send with confidence.


Description:Send a direct message to a single user. See [postMessage](https://api.slack.com/methods/chat.postMessage) or [scheduleMessage](https://api.slack.com/methods/chat.scheduleMessage) docs here

Action Code

import common from "../common/send-message.mjs";

export default {
  key: "slack-send-direct-message",
  name: "Send a Direct Message",
  description: "Send a direct message to a single user. See [postMessage](https://api.slack.com/methods/chat.postMessage) or [scheduleMessage](https://api.slack.com/methods/chat.scheduleMessage) docs here",
  version: "0.2.4",
  type: "action",
  props: {
    conversation: {
      propDefinition: [
    text: {
      propDefinition: [
    mrkdwn: {
      propDefinition: [
    username: {
      propDefinition: [
      description: "Optionally customize your bot's username (default is `Pipedream`).",
    icon_emoji: {
      propDefinition: [
      description: "Optionally use an emoji as the bot icon for this message (e.g., `:fire:`). This value overrides `icon_url` if both are provided.",
    icon_url: {
      propDefinition: [
      description: "Optionally provide an image URL to use as the bot icon for this message.",

Action Configuration

This component may be configured based on the props defined in the component code. Pipedream automatically prompts for input values in the UI.

SlackslackappThis component uses the Slack app.
Send as Useras_userboolean

Optionally pass TRUE to post the message as the authed user, instead of as a bot. Defaults to FALSE.

Bot Usernameusernamestring

Optionally customize your bot's username (default is Pipedream).

Icon (emoji)icon_emojistring

Optionally use an emoji as the bot icon for this message (e.g., :fire:). This value overrides icon_url if both are provided.

Icon (image URL)icon_urlstring

Optionally provide an image URL to use as the bot icon for this message.

Schedule messagepost_atinteger

Messages can only be scheduled up to 120 days in advance, and cannot be scheduled for the past. The datetime format should be a unix timestamp (e.g., 1650507616, see here for help with this format).

Include link to workflowinclude_sent_via_pipedream_flagboolean

Defaults to true, includes a link to the workflow at the end of your Slack message.

Metadata Event Typemetadata_event_typestring

The name of the metadata event

Metadata Event Payloadmetadata_event_payloadstring

The payload of the metadata event. Must be a JSON string e.g. {"key": "value"}

UserconversationstringSelect a value from the drop down menu.

Text of the message to send (see Slack's formatting docs). This field is usually necessary, unless you're providing only attachments instead. Provide no more than 40,000 characters or risk truncation.

Send text as Slack mrkdwnmrkdwnboolean

TRUE by default. Pass FALSE to disable Slack markup parsing. See docs here

Action Authentication

Slack uses OAuth authentication. When you connect your Slack account, Pipedream will open a popup window where you can sign into Slack and grant Pipedream permission to connect to your account. Pipedream securely stores and automatically refreshes the OAuth tokens so you can easily authenticate any Slack API.

Pipedream requests the following authorization scopes when you connect your account:


About Slack

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform. With Slack, people can work together more effectively, connect all their software tools and services, and find the information they need to do their best work — all within a secure, enterprise-grade environment.

More Ways to Connect Slack + Twilio SendGrid

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