The easiest way for your users to connect to any API,
right in your product

Pipedream Connect provides managed OAuth tokens, a library of API helpers, and a platform for running serverless functions for any of your users. Build features that connect to 2,000+ APIs in minutes.

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Integrations are hard

In 20 years of building software, we've seen a common theme. No matter the product, your customers end up needing to connect your app to third-party APIs. You might build real-time notifications with messaging apps, export customer data to databases or spreadsheets, ingest data from CRMs, or connect to any of the thousands of APIs and SaaS services your customers are using. These features are often tied to large contracts and Enterprise customers.

But it's hard to justify the engineering effort required for these integrations. They're a distraction from the core product. Once built, they're hard to maintain. You have to securely manage auth, learn the nuances of the API, and improve the integration as the third-party adds new features your customer wants to use in your app. And they're a huge context switch for any engineer. Most teams have trouble scaling this.

At Pipedream, our customers tell us a variant of this story every day. Pipedream Connect helps you build these features in minutes, for any app.

Connect your users to 2,000+ APIs

Managing OAuth correctly and securely is hard, even for a single app. Pipedream Connect supports managed auth for 2,000+ APIs.

OAuth authorization starts with a single SDK call, and you can use your users' resulting access tokens to make authenticated API requests on their behalf. We manage the OAuth refresh process for you, so you can retrieve valid tokens at any time.

Make authenticated API requests

Once your users connect an account, you can make authenticated API calls on their behalf. You can use Pipedream's libraries of API helpers for 2,000+ APIs to simplify this. List Slack channels, Google Sheets, Salesforce accounts, and more, all with a single API call.

Pipedream also provides an API for retrieving fresh access tokens for any user, allowing you to use any third-party API client or write your own code to make the requests you need.

Make authenticated API requests

Run serverless functions

Pipedream provides a platform for building and running serverless workflows. Workflows are sequences of steps that can use pre-built actions for any API or run any custom code.

Pipedream also manages the infrastructure for you. You can use queues, key-value stores, VPCs, and more, all with a single line of config.

Once you've built a workflow, you can invoke it for any user. Workflows run with the user's credentials and config, or you can configure static values where relevant.

Run serverless functions

Secure by design

Pipedream undergoes regular third-party pen tests and can provide a SOC 2 Type 2 report outlining our security, confidentiality, and availability controls. We also support HIPAA workfloads, and can sign BAAs with customers on request.

Read our security docs to learn more about how we secure credentials, the serverless runtime, and more.

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