API Reference


Pipedream API Key

When you sign up for Pipedream, an API key is automatically generated for your account. You can use this key to authorize requests to the API.

You'll find this API key in your User Settings (My Account -> API Key).

Authorizing API requests

Pipedream uses Bearer Authentication to authorize your access to the API or SSE event streams. When you make API requests, pass an Authorization header of the following format:

Authorization: Bearer <api key>

For example, here's how you can use cURL to fetch profile information for the authenticated user:

curl 'https://api.pipedream.com/v1/users/me' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <api_key>'

Using the Pipedream CLI

You can link the CLI to your Pipedream account, which will automatically pass your API key in the Authorization header with every API request.

Revoking your API key

You can revoke your API key in your Account Settings (Settings -> Account). Click on the REVOKE button directly to the right of your API key.

This will revoke your original API key, generating a new one. Any API requests made with the original token will yield a 401 Unauthorized error.