App Partners

App Partners

By integrating your app with Pipedream, your users will be able to connect your app with over 2,000 supported apps on our platform. You gain access and exposure to a community of over 800,000 developers, and can spend more time building your product and less time navigating app integrations.

Benefits of Integrating With Pipedream

  • End-to-End Development: Pipedream will handle the entire development process of the integration, from managing authentication, setting up an official Pipedream OAuth client where applicable, and final QA.
  • Custom Triggers and Actions: We will create up to three triggers and three actions, based on the methods available within your APIs.
  • Extensive Developer Exposure: Your app will be accessible to a large and growing community of developers.
  • Dedicated App Page: Control and customize your dedicated app page to market your app to potential users, and share example use cases or workflow templates that can be built to help users get started.

Integration Process

Integrating with Pipedream is a straightforward process:

  1. Pipedream requires an account for testing and development along with API documentation in order to get started. We will build the initial integration, and run test requests to test the connection.
  2. Our team will build no-code triggers and actions that make the most sense from a workflow development perspective - if you have specific triggers and actions in mind to start with, we’ll start there.
  3. Our QA team will thoroughly test the no-code components to ensure that they work as intended, and then we will release and announce the completed integration in our public Slack with over 5,000 active members.

Get Started

Are you ready to integrate with Pipedream? Contact our integrations team today to get started.