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Trusted by 250,000+ developers from startups to Fortune 500 companies

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Getting Started

This integration creates a workflow with a GitHub trigger and SWAPI - Star Wars action. When you configure and deploy the workflow, it will run on Pipedream's servers 24x7 for free.

  1. Select this integration
  2. Configure the New Webhook Event (Instant) trigger
    1. Connect your GitHub account
    2. Select a Repository
    3. Select one or more Webhook Events
  3. Configure the Get Film action
    1. Connect your SWAPI - Star Wars account
    2. Select a film
  4. Deploy the workflow
  5. Send a test event to validate your setup
  6. Turn on the trigger


This integration uses pre-built, open source components from Pipedream's GitHub repo. These components are developed by Pipedream and the community, and verified and maintained by Pipedream.

To contribute an update to an existing component or create a new component, create a PR on GitHub. If you're new to Pipedream component development, you can start with quickstarts for trigger span and action development, and then review the component API reference.


Description:Emit new event for each selected event types

Trigger Code

import common from "../common/common-webhook.mjs";
import constants from "../common/constants.mjs";

export default {
  key: "github-weebhook-vents",
  name: "New Webhook Event (Instant)",
  description: "Emit new event for each selected event types",
  type: "source",
  version: "0.0.1",
  props: {
    events: {
      label: "Webhook Events",
      description: "The event will be emited",
      type: "string[]",
      options: constants.REPOSITORY_WEBHOOK_EVENTS,
  dedupe: "unique",
  methods: {
    getWebhookEvents() {
      return this.events;
  async run(event) {
    const {
    } = event;

    this.$emit(body, {
      id: headers["x-github-delivery"],
      summary: `New event ${headers["x-github-hook-installation-target-id"]} of type ${headers["x-github-hook-installation-target-type"]}}`,
      ts: new Date(),

Trigger Configuration

This component may be configured based on the props defined in the component code. Pipedream automatically prompts for input values in the UI and CLI.
GitHubgithubappThis component uses the GitHub app.
RepositoryrepoFullnamestringSelect a value from the drop down menu.
N/Adb$.service.dbThis component uses $.service.db to maintain state between component invocations.
N/Ahttp$.interface.httpThis component uses $.interface.http to generate a unique URL when the component is first instantiated. Each request to the URL will trigger the run() method of the component.
Webhook Eventseventsstring[]Select a value from the drop down menu:{ "label": "Activity related to a branch protection rule", "value": "branch_protection_rule" }{ "label": "Check run activity has occurred", "value": "check_run" }{ "label": "Check suite activity has occurred", "value": "check_suite" }{ "label": "Activity related to code scanning alerts in a repository", "value": "code_scanning_alert" }{ "label": "A commit comment is created", "value": "commit_comment" }{ "label": "A Git branch or tag is created", "value": "create" }{ "label": "A Git branch or tag is deleted", "value": "delete" }{ "label": "A deploy key is added or removed from a repository", "value": "deploy_key" }{ "label": "A deployment is created", "value": "deployment_status" }{ "label": "Activity related to a discussion", "value": "discussion" }{ "label": "Activity related to a comment in a discussion", "value": "discussion_comment" }{ "label": "A user forks a repository", "value": "fork" }{ "label": "A wiki page is created or updated", "value": "gollum" }{ "label": "Activity related to an issue or pull request comment", "value": "issue_comment" }{ "label": "Activity related to an issue", "value": "issues" }{ "label": "Activity related to a label", "value": "label" }{ "label": "Activity related to repository collaborators", "value": "member" }{ "label": "The webhook this event is configured on was deleted", "value": "meta" }{ "label": "Activity related to milestones", "value": "milestone" }{ "label": "Activity related to GitHub Packages", "value": "package" }{ "label": "Activity on attempted build of a GitHub Pages site, whether successful or not", "value": "page_build" }{ "label": "Activity related to project boards", "value": "project" }{ "label": "Activity related to project cards", "value": "project_card" }{ "label": "Activity related to columns in a project board", "value": "project_column" }{ "label": "When a private repository is made public", "value": "public" }{ "label": "Activity related to pull requests", "value": "pull_request" }{ "label": "Activity related to pull request reviews", "value": "pull_request_review" }{ "label": "Activity related to pull request review comments in the pull request's unified diff", "value": "pull_request_review_comment" }{ "label": "Activity related to a comment thread on a pull request being marked as resolved or unresolved", "value": "pull_request_review_thread" }{ "label": "One or more commits are pushed to a repository branch or tag", "value": "push" }{ "label": "Activity related to a release", "value": "release" }{ "label": "Activity related to a repository", "value": "repository" }{ "label": "Activity related to a repository being imported to GitHub", "value": "repository_import" }{ "label": "Activity related to security vulnerability alerts in a repository", "value": "repository_vulnerability_alert" }{ "label": "Activity related to a repository being starred", "value": "star" }{ "label": "When the status of a Git commit changes", "value": "status" }{ "label": "When a repository is added to a team", "value": "team_add" }{ "label": "When someone stars a repository", "value": "watch" }{ "label": "A GitHub Actions workflow job has been queued, is in progress, or has been completed on a repository", "value": "workflow_job" }{ "label": "When a GitHub Actions workflow run is requested or completed", "value": "workflow_run" }

Trigger Authentication

GitHub uses OAuth authentication. When you connect your GitHub account, Pipedream will open a popup window where you can sign into GitHub and grant Pipedream permission to connect to your account. Pipedream securely stores and automatically refreshes the OAuth tokens so you can easily authenticate any GitHub API.

Pipedream requests the following authorization scopes when you connect your account:


About GitHub

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Action Code

const swapi = require('../../swapi.app.js')
const axios = require('axios')

module.exports = {
  key: "swapi-get-film",
  name: "Get Film",
  version: "0.0.12",
  type: "action",
  props: {
    film: { propDefinition: [swapi, "film"] },
  async run() {
    return (await axios({
      url: `https://swapi.dev/api/films/${this.film}`

Action Configuration

This component may be configured based on the props defined in the component code. Pipedream automatically prompts for input values in the UI.

SWAPI - Star WarsswapiappThis component uses the SWAPI - Star Wars app.
filmfilmstringSelect a value from the drop down menu.

Action Authentication

The SWAPI - Star Wars API does not require authentication.

About SWAPI - Star Wars

The Star Wars API

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