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Integrate the Upollo API with the Python API

Setup the Upollo API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Python API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate Upollo and Python remarkably fast. Free for developers.

Run Python Code with the Python API

Write Python and use any of the 350k+ PyPi packages available. Refer to the Pipedream Python docs to learn more.

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Overview of Upollo

The Upollo API offers real-time user behavior analysis to prevent fraud and account sharing. It's designed to detect and respond to suspicious activities by scoring user actions and sessions. In Pipedream, you can harness this API to craft workflows that automate responses to these activities, integrate with other services for enriched functionality, and streamline user management processes.

Overview of Python

Develop, run and deploy your Python code in Pipedream workflows. Integrate seamlessly between no-code steps, with connected accounts, or integrate Data Stores and manipulate files within a workflow.

This includes installing PyPI packages, within your code without having to manage a requirements.txt file or running pip.

Below is an example of using Python to access data from the trigger of the workflow, and sharing it with subsequent workflow steps:

Connect Python

def handler(pd: "pipedream"):
  # Reference data from previous steps
  # Return data for use in future steps
  return {"foo": {"test":True}}