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Use a Twitter developer app you've created to send API requests

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Twitter Developer App API Integrations

Build and run workflows using the Twitter Developer App API. Use 1000s of open source triggers and actions across 800+ apps. Or write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds.

module.exports = defineComponent({
  props: {
    twitter_developer_app: {
      type: "app",
      app: "twitter_developer_app",
  async run({steps, $}) {
    const Twit = require('twit')
    const { api_key, api_secret_key, access_token, access_token_secret } = this.twitter_developer_app.$auth
    const T = new Twit({
      consumer_key: api_key,
      consumer_secret: api_secret_key,
      timeout_ms: 60 * 1000,  // optional HTTP request timeout to apply to all requests.
      strictSSL: true,  // optional - requires SSL certificates to be valid.
    return await T.get('account/verify_credentials', { skip_status: true })


Twitter Developer App uses API keys for authentication. When you connect your Twitter Developer App account, Pipedream securely stores the keys so you can easily authenticate to Twitter Developer App APIs in both code and no-code steps.

First, you'll need to sign up for a Twitter developer account and create a new application in the Twitter app dashboard. See the Twitter docs for specific instructions.

Once you've created an app, visit the Keys and tokens section of the app's settings, and add the API key, API secret key, Access token, and Access token secret below.

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