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Integrate the Quickbooks API with the MySQL API

Setup the Quickbooks API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the MySQL API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate Quickbooks and MySQL remarkably fast. Free for developers.

Create Account

Creates an account.

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Create Bill

Creates a bill.

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Create Check

Creates a check, a type of bill payment.

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Create Credit Memo

Creates a credit memo.

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Create Customer

Creates a customer.

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Connect Quickbooks

return await require("@pipedreamhq/platform").axios(this, {
  url: `https://quickbooks.api.intuit.com/v3/company/${auths.quickbooks.company_id}/companyinfo/${auths.quickbooks.company_id}`,
  headers: {
    Authorization: `Bearer ${auths.quickbooks.oauth_access_token}`,
    "accept": `application/json`,
    "content-type": `application/json`,

Connect MySQL

const mysql = require('mysql2/promise');

const { host, port, username, password, database } = auths.mysql

const connection = await mysql.createConnection({
  user: username,

const [rows, fields] = await connection.execute('SELECT NOW()');