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Integrate the Google Drive API with the Twitter Developer App API

Setup the Google Drive API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Twitter Developer App API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate Google Drive and Twitter Developer App remarkably fast. Free for developers.

Upload File to Folder by File Path

Allows you to upload a file previously-saved to the /tmp directory, by passing in the path to that file

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Upload File by URL

Upload a file to Google Drive by URL

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Get Files

Gets or searches files.

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Create a folder
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Create File

Creates a new file.

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Connect Google Drive

return await require("@pipedreamhq/platform").axios(this, {
  url: ``,
  headers: {
    Authorization: `Bearer ${auths.google_drive.oauth_access_token}`,

Connect Twitter Developer App

const Twit = require('twit')

const { api_key, api_secret_key, access_token, access_token_secret } = auths.twitter_developer_app

const T = new Twit({
  consumer_key: api_key,
  consumer_secret: api_secret_key,
  timeout_ms: 60 * 1000,  // optional HTTP request timeout to apply to all requests.
  strictSSL: true,  // optional - requires SSL certificates to be valid.

return await T.get('account/verify_credentials', { skip_status: true })