# Support and Community

# Github Discussions

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for how we could improve the platform, please reach out on our Q&A forum - Github Discussions.

# Slack

We also run a Slack community where you can chat with the Pipedream team, share your workflows, or learn from others in the community.

# #announcements

New features, app integrations, system maintenance, and other announcements from Pipedream.

# #bugs

Found a bug? Let us know!

# #contribute

Interested in contributing an event source, action, or other code to Pipedream? Ask any questions and help other developers here.

# #feature-requests

We love feedback. Let us know if you have a suggestion for a new feature here.

# #general

Can't find the right channel for your question? Just want to introduce yourself, or chat about the product? This is the place!

# #help

Having trouble with an event source, workflow, or anything else? Ask here.

# #incidents

Pipedream operates a status page, which routes all incident updates here.

# #random

Anything not related to Pipedream.

# #share-your-work

Created a workflow, action, or event source others might find useful? Share it here!

# Email Support (Professional Tier)

Professional Tier users have access to paid support via email. Pipedream's dedicated support hours are 9am - 5pm UTC-8 (US Pacific Time), Monday - Friday.