Pipedream Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to all Pipedream Enterprise Plans. This SLA does not apply to any third parties, and solely applies to the client named in the Enterprise contract. SLA Credits are Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for any failure to meet a specified service level.

1. Definitions

  a. Agreement month - a calendar month period during which this Agreement is in effect.

  b. Claimed Outage - the period (measured in minutes) during which Client claims a Loss of Service during a Measurement Period.

  c. Excluded Minutes - the portion of any outage that is attributed to one or more exclusions listed in Section 6.

  d. Loss of Service - Client’s inability to access the services on the Pipedream platform. Specified in Section 2.

  e. Measurement Period - the applicable agreement month.

  f. Service Availability - the service availability as determined based on the calculation in Section 3.

  g. SLA Credit – a specified credit for failure to meet a specified service level.

  h. Other capitalized terms shall have the meaning as set forth in the Pipedream Terms of Service.

2. Service Level Commitments

Pipedream will use reasonable efforts to provide the following availability service levels, for Pipedream’s core platform Service, which shall exclude beta features, Pipedream components (e.g. triggers and actions), custom or unique customer components.

Pipedream ServiceDescription
Pipedream UI (customer portal access)99.95%
Pipedream platform (event sources and workflows)99.95%
Pipedream destinationsN/A
Beta features, Pipedream components (sources and actions)N/A

3. SLA Credit

Service availability failing to meet the thresholds set forth in Section 7 (as supplemented by Section 2) shall be eligible for an SLA Credit described in Section 7. Services availability for such purposes shall be calculated by dividing the total number of minutes of uptime in the applicable Service during an applicable calendar month by the total number of actual minutes in such month minus Excluded Minutes, and then multiplying that amount by 100.

4. Claim Procedure

To receive a SLA Credit, Client must follow the below process:

  a. Client’s identified administrative user must report a Claimed Outage by opening a ticket with Pipedream Support at https://pipedream.com/support within 30 days following the end of the Claimed Outage. The ticket must include (i) “SLA Claim” as the subject of the ticket; (ii) the dates and times of Claimed Outage(s); and (iii) any documentation or logs of the applicable outage.

  b. Pipedream will review and verify the Claimed Outage(s) and Pipedream’s determination of a SLA Credit is final.

  c. Client agrees to continue to make payment in full for the Service while a Claimed Outage is being reviewed or SLA Credit is being determined.

  d. Pipedream will communicate the SLA Credits to Client through the original ticket.

Client does not qualify for SLA Credits if Client: i) is not current on payment of charges at the time of the report of the Claimed Outage; or ii) has not paid charges when due for the Service three or more times in the previous 12 calendar months.

5. Use of SLA Credits

Client may use SLA Credits solely to apply to future charges per Pipedream’s standard policies or for future payments due for the particular service for which the SLA Credits are issued. SLA Credits may not be used to reduce payments due below zero for any agreement month and may not be used until any violations of the Pipedream Terms of Service or other agreement between the parties (“Agreement”) are resolved to Pipedream’s reasonable satisfaction. SLA Credits may not be sold or transferred. False or duplicative Claimed Outages are a violation of the Agreement and may, in Pipedream’s discretion, result in a suspension or termination of Pipedream’s Service. SLA Credits expire on termination or expiration of the Agreement.

6. Exclusions

Excluded Minutes are based upon the following exclusions:

  • Pipedream is performing system upgrades, enhancements or routine maintenance which is announced on the Portal at least two days in advance or maintenance determined by Pipedream to be an emergency upon notice provided through the Portal (“Scheduled Maintenance”);
  • problems with Client’s Internet access;
  • system administration, commands, and file transfers performed by Client or Client representatives;
  • problems caused by Client’s use of the Pipedream Service or any Client end user’s use of a Client Solution;
  • problems arising from Client or third party provided hardware, software, applications or Client’s content;
  • force majeure events (including without limitation Pipedream’s inability to access or use an upstream hosting provider, such as AWS, due to circumstances beyond Pipedream’s control); or
  • suspension of the Pipedream Service as provided in the Agreement.

7. Service Levels for System Upgrades

For system (or hardware) upgrades, Pipedream will use reasonable efforts to complete all such planned upgrades within the service level time period from the end of the hardware upgrade Scheduled Maintenance period as confirmed in advance in the Portal. Service level time periods exclude any time required to reload the operating system or applications.

Client will be eligible for a SLA Credit for future charges in an amount calculated based upon the applicable credit percent for failure to meet a specified service level time period directly related to the Service affected by the hardware replacement or upgrade. The credit percent listed below applies only to the Client’s base platform fee, not to usage charges.

Service LevelCredit Percent
99.95% or higherNone
99% to 99.95 percent10%
95% to 99%25%
Less than 95%50%