Shopify permission issue - "This app is not approved to use the xxxx field"

Hello -

I’ve got a couple steps in my workflow that access Shopify to look up information. In my case I’m using the python template and Shopify graphQL. One step is looking up product information, and that is working well, returning what I’d expect.

In another step I’m looking up customer data. However the response I’m getting is indicating, “'This app is not approved to use the xxxx field.” And xxx is firstName and lastName field.

When I look in Pipedream’s Shopify setting, I see the scopes includes reading customers. I poked around in Shopify, and I see indication the app has access to customer data. Though when I first linked Shopify to Pipedream I remember a screen with a bunch of checkboxes for granular permissions. I thought I might be able to access that and I’m not seeing it.

Finally, the error message is producing a partners.shopify link, but when I follow that I’m told the page doesn’t exist.

So, I’m wondering if there is a permission issue on something I can configure. Or is this under the hood at Pipedream?

I’ve connected my Shopify account. And I wonder if this would be different if I connected as Shopify Partners account.