Has Anyone Experienced an Issue with the Shopify Interface in Workflows?

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A couple days ago I posted the following int he Pipedream forum and hadn’t heard anything. How that I’m here, I thought I’d post to see if any one else has had an issue with the Shopify interface in workflows and getting a “This app is not approved to use the xxxx field” response from Shopify when querying it.

Hi Tim, sorry I didn’t see that one.

Yes starting with Shopify 2022-10 API version you have to be approved to access customer data.

We do not have this approval. But you may be able to use 2022-07 API version manually to perform this query still.

To echo back to see if I got this right. Shopify is implementing measures to protect customer data. Therefore Pipedream can’t access it at this time. Is there a future where you think Pipedream could? Or too much baggage in order to get approved?

My use case is for my own store and some tracking systems I’m building

I highly doubt they would approve it, because we cannot submit the application on behalf of the many many customers we have using our official integration.

But you can manage your own API keys and webhooks with Pipedream

You can create your own private app, that’s only installed on your store. Then you can use the API keys generated from that app to interact with your store:

Hmmm - this may be a good solution. Let me work on this some more.

Thank you for pointing this path out.

Sure thing hope it helps