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Integrate the Ringcentral API with the Telegram Bot API

Setup the Ringcentral API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Telegram Bot API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate Ringcentral and Telegram Bot remarkably fast. Free for developers.

Get Message

Returns individual message record(s) by the given message ID(s).

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Send Telegram Message

Sends a message using the sendMessage API method: https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#sendmessage

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Create Contact

Creates personal user contact.

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Create Event

Creates a new calendar event.

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Create Extension

Creates an extension.

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Connect Ringcentral

return await require("@pipedreamhq/platform").axios(this, {
  url: `${auths.ringcentral.instancetype}.ringcentral.com/restapi/v1.0/account/~`,
  headers: {
    Authorization: `Bearer ${auths.ringcentral.oauth_access_token}`,

Connect Telegram Bot

return await require("@pipedreamhq/platform").axios(this, {
  url: `https://api.telegram.org/bot${auths.telegram_bot_api.token}/getMe`,