Outgrow Webhooks Workflow
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Outgrow Webhooks Workflow

Pipedream is an automation platform for developers and this is an example workflow using Outgrow webhooks as the trigger.


This workflow accepts webhooks and the user can:

  • Inspect the webhook
  • Execute code to modify or transform the data
  • Receive notifications (via Slack, Discord, Email) per event
  • Send the data to S3, Snowflake or another data warehouse
  • Query the data via SQL


  1. Fork this workflow
  2. Click "Send Test Event"

Outgrow Documentation

Here is the Outgrow documentation for Webhooks

If you click "Test Event" in the workflow, this is the event the platform will send:

    "event": "LEADS",
    "appId": "59100cc49ba6ba272d0e9eac",
    "calcLead": "59103b083605417522cfxxxx",
    "calculator": "calculator name",
    "city": "-",
    "companyId": "59100c729ba6ba279ea9a7a8",
    "country": "-",
    "email": "questions@outgrow.co",
    "fName": "Randy",
    "fullName": "Randy Rayees",
    "lName": "Rayees",
    "question1title": "Question1?",
    "question1answer": "Answer1",
    "question2title": "Question2?",
    "question2answer": "Answer2",
    "question3title": "Question3?",
    "question3answer": "Answer3",
    "region": "-",
    "result1": "",
    "result2": "",
    "result3": "",
    "result4": "",
    "source": "Outgrow",
    "total_questions": 3,
    "utm_campaign": "-",
    "utm_content": "-",
    "utm_medium": "-",
    "utm_source": "-",
    "utm_term": "-",
    "visitorKey": "59103ae73605417522cf6f5c"

Usage Tips

  • All pipeline code on Pipedream is public, all event data is private.
  • Pipeline code is run for every event sent to your source.
  • Send data to S3, Snowflake or HTTP out using destinations.
  • The event data sent to your source is accessible in the $event object — you can add, update, or delete any properties of this object in your code.
  • Most of NPM’s 400,000 packages are available for use — just require() them.
  • Using API keys or other sensitive data in your code? Create an environment variable and access it in code using process.env.KEY_NAME.
  • Need to reject certain events sent to your pipeline, or end a pipeline early? Use $end().
  • You need to await the execution of async code with Promises, using async / awaitlearn more here.