Weather Workflow
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Weather Workflow

Weather Workflow Demo

This workflow is a "base" for building workflows that react to weather. It uses the HERE Weather API to get weather information. HERE has a generous free tier and you'll need your own key to use the workflow (sign up at After configuring your key, you will then provide a zipcode for weather information.

The second step of the workflow is where you configure your condition. It supports doing something if:

  • The temperature is less than or equal to a target.
  • The temperature is greater than or equal to a target.
  • The temperature is equal to a target.
  • The weather (sunny, stormy, etc) is equal to a value (see the supported list for possible values).

If your condition fails for any reason, the workflow ends with a message. To build a "real" workflow, you would then add additional steps after the initial one. As stated, these steps will only run if the condition you desire is true.