Twitter to Telegram
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Twitter to Telegram


You'll need a Telegram bot to send messages to a specific user / chat. If you don't yet have a bot, create one before you copy this workflow.

You'll also need the chat ID of the user or group you're trying to message.

Finally, Telegram imposes some requirements for communicating with users / groups. For example, to send a message to a user, the user must have previously communicated with the bot.

Please consult the Telegram docs if you're encountering any issue with their API (e.g. a 400 Bad Request error).


  1. Copy the workflow.
  2. Configure the Twitter source: connect your account, enter your search term, and set any optional params.
  3. In the send_telegram_message step, add the chat ID where you want to deliver the message, and press Connect Account to link your Telegram account.
  4. Deploy the workflow. It will send a message to Telegram for every new tweet.