TBHV110 to Google Sheet - Private
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TBHV110 to Google Sheet - Private

This workflow receives HTTP post requests from an HTTP Custom Integration in the Helium Console, parses the data, then sends the data to a Google Sheet for easy viewing. The Pipedream workflow is part of an end-to-end data flow whose purpose is to make it easy to view and log temperature, humidity, CO2, and VO measurements from a sensor. The end-to-end workflow looks like this:

TBHV110 sensor > Helium Hotspot > Helium Network > Pipedream workflow > Google Sheet

Before sending data to the Google Sheet, the workflow does some data manipulations, namely

  • converts UNIX time to GMT time
  • converts temperature from C to F
  • calculates Absolute Humidity and Dew Point from the temperature and humidity measurements

The TBHV110 sensor is a LoRaWAN sensor that measures temperature, humidity, CO2, and VO.

Helium is an Internet-of-Things hardware and software platform for developers to build IoT applications (see companies like CareBand, Smart Mimic, and Conserv). Helium is also a peer-to-peer wireless IoT network (the People’s Network) where ownership of the network is distributed to whoever has purchased and deployed a Helium hotspot device.