Browan Object Locator to Google Sheet
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Browan Object Locator to Google Sheet

This workflow receives HTTP post requests from an HTTP Custom Integration in the Helium Console, parses the data, then sends the data to a Google Sheet for easy viewing. The Pipedream workflow is part of an end-to-end data flow whose purpose is to make it easy to view and log gps data from a tracking device. The end-to-end workflow looks like this:

Browan Object Locator (BOL) > Helium Hotspot > Helium Network > Pipedream > Google Sheet

The BOL is a LoRaWAN tracking device that measures GPS latitude and longitude data

To interpret the GPS coordinates received from the BOL device, I've added some GPS-specific steps

  • Reverse Geocode using the API to find the nearest address for the received GPS coordinate
  • GPS distance calculation to calculate the distance between the BOL sensor and the helium hotspot, to help understand the coverage area of the hotspot

The reverse geocode step is taken from Raymond Camden's blog post here:

Helium is an Internet-of-Things hardware and software platform for developers to build IoT applications (see companies like CareBand, Smart Mimic, and Conserv). Helium is also a peer-to-peer wireless IoT network (the People’s Network) where ownership of the network is distributed to whomever has purchased and deployed a Helium hotspot device.