Why has the flow that captures Install information from Shopify Partners for our Shopify application and transfers it to a Google Sheet stopped working since April 1st?

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Hi. I am needing help please.

We have a flow set up that captures Install information from Shopify Partners for our Shopify application. The flow then drops this information into a Google Sheet with all of the user’s relevant information (store name, install date etc). Since April 1st, it is no longer collecting entries from Shopify, in fact the flow has stopped altogether. I have checked our plan/credits usage and we have more than enough to process these. It’s worked perfectly for the last year or so but doesn’t now seem to pick up these install events at all - they’re happening as I have confirmed via Shopify Partners portal myself. It’s not even attempted to retrieve the information and then halted the flow which I assume means we are missing almost 4 days worth of data. Cheers!

Sorry if I have missed a note re this, I have been out of the country

Hi , could you do me a favor and go to your Shopify Partner trigger’s Logs tab? Do you see anything strange there?

Visit Sign Up - Pipedream and find your trigger there

Hey Andrew. Same as above, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of what’s there but it does show both Installs and Uninstalls flows aren’t picking up any data past 1st April. Screenshots of both uninstalls and installs below

Oh nice, could you click on the Logs tab next to the Events tab located right under the trigger name?

Ah sorry you did say that, I missed it. Yes here’s some errors actually. I think im about to answer my own question in that the API connection has expired?

it shows Shopify partners here not being connected to workflows but a checkmark that its connected no problem

Np! I think it’s related to the API version for Shopify

Let me see if there’s an open ticket for that

Wait, let’s check something first

What version is the trigger on?

Could you please look in the Configuration tab?

export default {
key: “shopify_partner-new-app-installs”,
name: “New App Installs”,
type: “source”,
version: “0.0.15”,
description: “Emit new events when new shops install your app.”,
props: {

Okay nice, I see our latest version is 0.1.1: pipedream/components/shopify_partner/sources/new-app-installs/new-app-installs.mjs at master · PipedreamHQ/pipedream · GitHub

And our team updated the triggers yesterday

Since triggers don’t support updates, you’ll have to recreate it

You can do that by editing the workflow and adding a new trigger, then remove the old one

Ah OK. Is there a way to backdate the missed data or will that have to be manual? Cheers

I’m looking at the source code and it seems that there is a optional prop called occurredAtMin where you can specify an ISO timestamp

So you can try configuring 2024-04-01T00:00:00Z