Why has the flow that captures Install information from Shopify Partners for our Shopify application and transfers it to a Google Sheet stopped working since April 1st?

Wonderfully explained, thank you. I have done what you said re new trigger and tried the ISO timestamp move. We’ll see if it pulls it!

Awesome, happy to help. Let me know if this works!

It’s back working. The ISO timestamp trick didn’t work though. It just started putting in events from the time I set the new version live. Will manually drop them in, just in case someone asks for future. Thanks again :smile:

Great to hear !
Would you mind creating a bug report for the ISO timestamp here? Thanks

Hey Sorry to resurrect this. I did run into an issue in that all the data was being pulled fine through Pipedream but it wasn’t actually dropping into the G Sheet. I re set up the entire workflow and all is good now.

A separate issue, I have recorded a Loom video for: Issues with Install App Events and Trigger Configuration | Loom

For some reason it’s giving a config error for the app uninstalls trigger (same one I have for the uninstall workflow - and it works fine there?)


Hi , I looked into your workflow and seems that you were able to resolve the Shopify trigger issue. Was there anything you had to do?

I didn’t manage to resolve it. I am still meeting the config error on my “Current Merchants Delete Uninstall” flow. Again it shows a green checkmark and a green live status - although this is wrong as there is currently no trigger set up

Got it, it seems like it may be a bug in the trigger code.

Could you do us a favor and report this issue over at our support site?
• Head over to Support - Pipedream
• Click on the “Request an Integration” card.
• Select “C - Report a problem with an existing integration.”
This way, it gets logged in our public repo, and the component development team can be notified.


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Hi , can you share a link to your “Current Merchants Delete Uninstall” workflow and enable sharing with support? I’m unable to reproduce the error on my end, and am hoping to take a look to see if I can find anything specific about your workflow that may be causing this.

Hey Thanks for responding. Here’s the link: Sign Up - Pipedream


Posted thread to Discourse: Why has the flow capturing Install information from Shopify Partners for our Shopify application and inputting it into a Google Sheet stopped working since April 1st?

Hi Max, are you still facing this issue? can you try removing, and recreating the trigger and seeing if this fixes the issue?