Why Did an Error Occur and Lead to a Daily Limit After 5 Tries Without Generating Any Results?

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Can someone explain why this error occurred? I am trying to see if your product is worth my time and literally after 5 tries, I reached the daily limit lol. And it generated 0 results

Hi Y, can you share the error message you’re receiving? When is the error happening?

Hi. This was the message


These are steps I followed. His sample mp3 file worked perfectly fine. When I uploaded my m4a file, this was the error I received

Thanks Y. That error message is coming from OpenAI.

If you read a bit further down in the error message it’s describing your content is not processable by OpenAI.

There’s also a note within the error message about enabling Advanced Settings and disabling the Moderation Check.

These settings are outside of Pipedream’s control. This error is coming from OpenAI.

But it processed another audio file just fine

Yes, as the error states, the error is due to the content of the file.

Content as in, the actual recording quality itself, something to do with formating etc?

Correct, please see the highlighted error message

Where do I set “advanced moderation settings” in case I want to push it through? Pipedream?

No, this error is from OpenAI. Please see OpenAI’s dashboard and documentation for more details.

Fair enough. Thank you

Hi. I tried to upload a file to try again, but it says daily quota exceeded and I literally didn’t upload anything for the past 2 days. Can you please adjust my quota so I can actually try out this product?

Sorry, we cannot adjust Free account quotas.

At the bottom of the billing dashboard is a chart to show your daily usage. This might be due to an unconnected source that’s using credits.

Here’s the link to the billing dashboard: https://pipedream.com/settings/billing

Why isn’t the daily quota renewing daily as the name suggests?