When is the Estimated Timeline for the Arrival of "Managed External Auth"?

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Is there an estimated timeline regarding the arrival of “managed external auth”?

Hi Leo, not at this time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your user’s OAuth or API keys within your Pipedream workflows - even with the thousands of pre-built actions available.

Check out our blog post here for an example of how to use externally managed accounts: Connecting your user accounts to Pipedream

But definitely stay tuned to the announcements channel and look out for an email announcement about the managed external account feature. That would allow you to connect your users accounts to Pipedream without storing in an separate database.

Hey Pierce!

Thank you for the fast answer.
Yes, that part I was aware of already.
It would have been really nice to have Pipedream handle the token life cycles & resulting required actions as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Any plans to also expose / add some Pipewire UI components that are user facing and could be used to allow for the dynamic creation / working with defined flows?

Yes - there are plans to make connecting end user accounts through some kind of customer facing component. So that way your customers can securely integrate their own accounts into your Pipedream workspace.

And it would also manage the refreshing of tokens, and allow you to use these accounts within workflows.

Definitely stay tuned to those channels I mentioned, this will be a big announcement :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Leo, can you tell me more about your use case? To confirm, are you looking to integrate 3rd party APIs into your application, and let your end users connect their accounts within your app? Then use their auth to make authenticated requests within Pipedream workflows?

Any plans to also expose / add some Pipewire UI components that are user facing
Do you mean Pipedream here? Can you tell me more about this use case also? What UI components would you envision integrating into your app?