What is the Best Way to Set Up a Proxy Server to Connect to a Network Server Without Taking Down the Firewall?

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However, we get a constant fail cause our firewall and sounds like we need a proxy server. I am super new to proxy servers and have no clue where to start and can’t afford teams plan for company atm. I basically want my workflow to run through PD to my Network Server but integrate a proxy server so I don’t have to bring down FW.

For this, I think your Firewall might need to whitelist Pipedream’s IP range. Could you read through the article?

We’ve attempted this for all ips listed to no luck.

We keep getting a timeout fail.

I’m not very sure about this case.

Hello , could you advice this case when you’re available?


Here’s every IP whitelisted to our server.

Not sure if you can view that off your admin but basically we’re polling AT for form submissions, when submitted running an HTTP POST to our server for account creation.

It seems to work when firewall is down

but when up it fails due to timeout

Hi Dominic,

We can provide an HTTP proxy for Teams customers, but if that’s not an option for you then you’ll have to deploy, configure and set up your own.

I suggest reading about the Squid proxy that’s installable on any VPS. Then you’ll need to configure it to allow a secure connection between Pipedream and your service.