Welcome to the Pipedream Community! Introduce yourself below

Welcome to the Pipedream community!

If you have questions about a workflow or integration, if you have a workflow you’d like to share with others, or if you want to chat with other Pipedream developers, you’re in the right place. Just visit the community homepage and find the right category for your topic.

If you’re new to Pipedream, take a look at the docs and our list of supported integrations to get started.

If you’re on the Professional or Team plan and have questions about your account, billing, or need to talk to a member of our team, please visit https://pipedream.com/support .

Finally, please introduce yourself below! We’re interested to hear who you are and how you’re using Pipedream.


Hi y’all :wave:, I’m a co-founder and engineer here at Pipedream. In a past life I was a data scientist and teacher. At Pipedream, I support our community and handle our data eng / analysis. I live in San Francisco, CA with my wife and dog.


Hello Every1! I wish Every1 Success! Have some fun :smiley:

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Hello! my name is Myles Rosenthal - :innocent: a new comer to the World of Code-Academy I’m a person who have determination to get the assignment done and in on time. And someone who like to give advice as well as take it also. I feel that learning is a process and has many steps to follower, before one cross over the Business Goal-Line. __________________________________________________________________
HTTP://t.v.git-hub.com HTTP://ssqt.co/mQIHT3e

Hi everyone! Not a newbie (although a bit late to post here) and a huge Pipedream fan. I’m a married father of 8 out of Louisiana working as a developer evangelist for Adobe. I’m the one who uses cats in all his demos. :wink:


Welcome, Raymond!

More cats, please.

Hiya, my name is Mike. Stumbled across pipedream while trying to find low code solutions to connect different API’s. I think I saw you guys on reddit as well :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, my name is Igor, I’m from Brazil. I’m new to pipedream, but I’m loving it.
I would love to see Google Chat API integration here.

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Hi, I’m Eric! I have been using pipedream for some quick proof-of-concept projects at work and to tie some apis together for home automation hobbies.

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Hi, I am Ngo Quang Dao from Vietnam.
I just know pipedream, but i am so satisfied about pipedream.

HEello, I am Queen from Jamaica, But reside in the Florida. I know nothing about pipedream so this is a learning experiene.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Nate. I’m a software engineer from Cleveland, OH. I’ve used the site in a limited capacity for work in the past, but today I’m diving in to make a little game to show off at a job interview I have tomorrow.

I look forward to being a part of the community.

@ntkrieger that’s awesome. Share the game when you’re done if you can!

The idea is like fantasy sports, except you pick a roster of three Twitter accounts/influencers. Each round is n hours long, I was going to start at three. You get points for all the engagement those accounts get during the term on Tweets which were first posted in the last few days (also starting at three days of history). Scoring is like this:

*Like: 1 points per follower that the liking account has divided by the number of followers on the posting account.
*Reply: 2 points per follower that the liking account has divided by the number of followers on the posting account.
*Retweet: 3 points per follower that the liking account has divided by the number of followers on the posting account.

Other Rules:

  • You can only select accounts with 10k + followers
  • You CAN select your own account as one of your three.

I think the highest scoring events will be viral tweets that come from accounts with low follower counts, which is difficult to predict.

You enter into a round by replying to an announcement Tweet by the game bot and mentioning your three picks. The bot will post the winners at the end of the round with a link to the Google Sheet I’m using for data so that players can analyze the data and develop strategy iteratively. This game would be fun for humans, but I think it would also be cool to challenge developers to build automated workflows to play the game using PIpedream.

I intend to make everything transparent so I’ll post it in the forums as the workflows come together.

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My name is Chris, very new to webhooks and cannot make sense of all the examples I see (stupid or lazy, I guess).
I made a webhook, placed the url in a page to which I listen to. I see the events coming on Pipedream. But I not understand how to get the body of the json on my laptop to store, work on it, etc.

My name is Ricardo Hernández I’m from Mexico City. I did a lot of research and projects about network security but now I’m back-end developer. My 2 favorite programming languages are python and javascript. I’m very happy to contribute with all that I can with Pipedream

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Hey, everyone. :wave: I’m Shawn and have been developing web apps for over twenty years. I’ve been leading teams since 2014 and am currently the CTO of Wrapmate. I heard about Pipedream through the blog posts of a friend of mine over at Adobe, Ray Camden.

We depend on a hefty amount of automation at Wrapmate and although the broad majority of it is either in Hubspot Workflows or Zapier, I recently hit a snag that neither could solve, and Pipedream elegantly solved the issue. I look forward to exploring more of it in the weeks and months to come!

Hi @shawn-wm welcome to the community! Happy to have you here :slight_smile:

Please let us know what you think! We just released our Pipedream University series to get started learning the basics of workflow building up to custom component development.

Would love your feedback on the product and system.

We hope you and your team get value out of low-code workflows!

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Hello Everyone👋. I’ve been using pipedream to create several workflows the past month and I love this tool! Also looking forward to start contributing.

Professionally, I lead the community efforts at Aviyel, an organization that’s building a platform for everything open source. Looking forward to feature pipedream’s story on the platform if I am able to catch the founder’s attention here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: