Welcome to the Pipedream Community! Introduce yourself below

Welcome to the Pipedream community!

If you have questions about a workflow or integration, if you have a workflow you’d like to share with others, or if you want to chat with other Pipedream developers, you’re in the right place. Just visit the community homepage and find the right category for your topic.

If you’re new to Pipedream, take a look at the docs and our list of supported integrations to get started.

If you’re on the Professional or Team plan and have questions about your account, billing, or need to talk to a member of our team, please visit https://pipedream.com/support .

Finally, please introduce yourself below! We’re interested to hear who you are and how you’re using Pipedream.

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Hi y’all :wave:, I’m a co-founder and engineer here at Pipedream. In a past life I was a data scientist and teacher. At Pipedream, I support our community and handle our data eng / analysis. I live in San Francisco, CA with my wife and dog.

Hello Every1! I wish Every1 Success! Have some fun :smiley:

Hello! my name is Myles Rosenthal - :innocent: a new comer to the World of Code-Academy I’m a person who have determination to get the assignment done and in on time. And someone who like to give advice as well as take it also. I feel that learning is a process and has many steps to follower, before one cross over the Business Goal-Line. __________________________________________________________________
HTTP://t.v.git-hub.com HTTP://ssqt.co/mQIHT3e

Hi everyone! Not a newbie (although a bit late to post here) and a huge Pipedream fan. I’m a married father of 8 out of Louisiana working as a developer evangelist for Adobe. I’m the one who uses cats in all his demos. :wink:

Welcome, Raymond!

More cats, please.

Hiya, my name is Mike. Stumbled across pipedream while trying to find low code solutions to connect different API’s. I think I saw you guys on reddit as well :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, my name is Igor, I’m from Brazil. I’m new to pipedream, but I’m loving it.
I would love to see Google Chat API integration here.

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