Unable to edit workflows - infinite saving or bad gateway

Hi - I have been having this issue for over a week now, and I’ve tried everything I could think of find to fix it, but I’m not sure what’s happening. I did find the thread for one of the issues, but it seemed to be an event that required a general fix: Can't edit workflow - Bad Gateway.

I’ve not been able to find a topic on the other issue.

The offending Workflows were working great - I’m not sure if it’s due to the movement from a free account to a paid one, but the issues appear to have begun around that time.

The one time this happened to me previously (on the free account), it did the infinite save (not actually saving anything, of course) but an “Update” prompt for the offending action that appeared when I reopened the editor fixed it. I’m not very literate with Pipedream yet, so I’m not sure if I can somehow force an update on my end? I attempted to update the components/actions with the CLI, but it appears to have done nothing.

The offending Workflows go:

  1. Webhook trigger
  2. A few Node.js components, mostly formatting
  3. Add a row to Google Sheets
  4. (Only on one Workflow) Add a row in Postgres

They still work as intended. But I can’t edit the actions, (the commonality seems to be the Google Sheets) or in some cases the entire Workflow, because it will get absolutely stuck while saving (while not saving anything).

When I attempt to change anything in one of the Workflows, the second I see the ‘Saving’ alert I know it’ll get stuck. In an act of desperation, I ended up deleting the actions/components that were triggering the infinite saving and just readded them, which seemed to fix it - but it ended up happening again.

When I try to edit one of the other Workflows, it won’t let me delete one of the Google Sheet actions. It triggers the infinite save. Now, another Workflow sends me to a 502 when I hit Edit. I’d like to avoid having to delete everything and start over, especially if it’s not a bug and it’s just me doing something wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.