Can't edit workflow - Bad Gateway

For the last few days I have been having problems to edit one of my workflows. I started seen 502 Bad Gateway becoming more often overtime, to the point that it’s now impossible to get to the edit page of it.

Workflow id: p_YyCB3bG

This is how it goes:

  1. I click the edit button. The loading page opens and stays the same forever.
  2. I open the inspector and I see a single request failing (check the screenshot below)
  3. I press “reload” on the browser, and all I get is a 502 Bad Gateway error.

These steps repeat themselves in the exact same way for at least the last 8 hours. I have not been able to open the edit page not even once since early morning (GMT-3).

@zvictor Thanks for reporting. We received reports from other users and we’re actually shipping a fix right now. I’ll let you know when that fix is out and when you can try again.

@zvictor Can you refresh the page and try one more time?

It’s working again, thank you!