Seeking Contribution Opportunities in Pipedream GitHub Repo

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Hey I am Anmol Agarwal. I recently found Pipedream github report and actively looking to contribute .

Awesome! Is there anything specifically you’re looking to contribute?

Nothing specific will be working on the issues and building on new features

I am facing some issues in setting up locally can you share any reference on how to run the application locally ,I don’t see the complete steps in the link shared above

Just to confirm, did you go through Contributing to the Pipedream Registry ? Is there a specific place you’re getting stuck?


I installed the packages but can’t see any command to run the application in package.json though I see it inside the docs folder but its just a documentation wanted to contribute to the application

the application isn’t open source. Our repo contains all integration code (sources and actions for integrated apps), docs, TypeScript types, and other packages used by the app. Would you be interested in contributing any integrations?


this is a good list of open issues. Let me know if any look interesting, or if there’s a specific app you’d like to build integrations for