Publishing component/action for distribution without going 'public'?

Hi guys! I have a workflow with an action that I would love to send to others to use, but it seems the only way to do this is the quite heavy handed process described here Contributing to the Pipedream Registry which also lists it publicly etc etc. As this is more a ‘beta’ style component, is there a way to ‘publish’ where I can just send people a link to it or something, without going ‘all the way’ if that makes sense?

Hi @woutersmet

Great question!

Long story short, yes you can share actions privately without publishing them to the public registry.

Easiest - add team members to your organization

You can use the Pipedream CLI tool to publish your custom action to your organization, then your team members in the same organization will have access to the custom actions you’ve published.

Share your custom action code

You can share your custom action code in a dedicated Github repository, or just fork the main Pipedream repository.

Then others can use the Pipedream CLI tool to publish these actions to their own accounts, without having to be on the same organization.