Is it True that Airtable Accounts are Now Only Connected via OAuth, with API Keys Being Depreciated?

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Hello folks,
Do you confirm Airtable accounts are only connected via OAuth ? API keys being depreciated (FYI it’s only API tokens now on Airtable) ?

As you can see, it seems there is a bug on Airtable steps previously connected using an Airtable account with API key.
If I create a new Airtable step, I only see Airtable accounts with OAuth as available options.

Hi , yes, have you seen our email announcement re: Update Airtable Workflows Before February 1st, 2024?

Effective 2024-02-01, Airtable is deprecating its API Key authentication method. To learn more about this change, please visit Airtable’s support page.

They actually already ended the deprecation period and now they fully migrated to OAuth

No possibility to use the auth via Airtable API tokens instead ?
What’s weird is that previously set-up Pipedream Airtable account using API key can be updated using API tokens.
So it seems you guys can maintain a API token authentification to Airtable even if keys are depreciated.

No sorry, from the support page I linked above:

This notice was originally published January 2023. As of February 1st, 2024, the deprecation period for Airtable API keys has ended. Users of Airtable API keys must migrate to the new authentication methods to continue using Airtable’s API.

You have to delete your actions using Airtable API and recreate them with Airtable OAuth

And triggers too

Please check: Airtable Web API

This is actually working

Re-creating all the Airtable steps using API keys is extremely painful btw as you have many to update and manually configure.

A solution on your side leveraging the usage of Airtable tokens (not keys to make things clear) would be amazing

I imagine there are differences between the PAT auth vs. the old API Key method, but that might be an option

But I’ll defer to

Yes I totally feel you, we have lots of users using Airtable and this change also affects us on the support side

I know this is not good practice but to avoid re-creating the Airtable steps with OAuth in workflows that uses Airtable account with API key, I just clicked on the 3 dots > Reconnect (see screenshot) > put the AT token instead of the API key and it’s working like a charm.

May be not so much dev required on your side after all ! Just a quick revamp of the Airtable via API key connexion towards API token.

That’s great! Thanks for letting us know

Please do let me know if you plan on releasing something soon for this data source !
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