Interacting with Slack Workflow Steps

Hi Experts, I’d love to know if its possible to start a pipedream workflow from a Slack Workflow step please see: Workflow Builder: Steps from apps | Slack Thank you!

Hello @jbudding777,

It is totally possible. As I checked the Slack Workflow > Configure part, you can configure the Request URL, which Slack will send the request to when you invoke the Slack workflow. This Request URL can be the Pipedream Trigger Webhook URL that you add in your workflow

Thank you! Agree this should be possible. I configured the
workflow_step_execute event with the pipedream trigger url in the request url

I added the workflow step to the Slack workflow but I don’t see anything triggered in pipedream - The workflow returns “Sorry, there was a problem loading this step”

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

Hello @jbudding777,

Per the description under the Request URL, I think you should see one event on Pipedream, as Slack will send a HTTP POST requests to the URL with a challenge parameter. Then your workflow should have an action with custom response with the challenge value

I think to integrate this it require some coding experience and being familiar with Pipedream. I would suggest you: