How do I add a new OAuth integration to Pipedream?

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Mike Bukhin : Hi I have a bit of a basic question. Is there a documentation on how to use oAuth for an unsupported application, one not on the list <>

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Hi , there’s no formal documentation, but can you tell me more about the app and point me to the API docs? It’s likely we can add the integration for you.

In the future we do plan to allow you to add your own custom OAuth app, with your own client ID / secret. We’re tracking that here, if you’d like to follow for updates.

Mike Bukhin :

Mike Bukhin : I want to give points based on activities elsewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

Mike Bukhin : i would also take an integration here

Mike Bukhin :

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : Great thanks. Just to confirm, if Pipedream provided a LoyaltyLion OAuth app, would you be able to use our OAuth app to authorize requests to the API and access your data via our app? Or do you need to use your own OAuth client for a particular reason?

I opened tickets for LoyaltyLion and Returnly to track the integrations, feel free to follow those for progress!

Mike Bukhin : not my client

Mike Bukhin : should i try to figure this out myself or do you guys turn this stuff around quickly/

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : we generally turn these around very quickly. The only wrinkle with LoyaltyLion requires we apply for an OAuth app, and I’m not sure how quickly they’ll get back to us. But we’ll start that process ASAP.

Dylan Sather (Pipedream) : FYI

Mike Bukhin : you guys are awesome

Tod Sacerdoti : Mike - I added Returnly but don’t have an account. Would you mind testing the integration?

Tod Sacerdoti : Example -
Marketplace -

Mike Bukhin : i will in a bit!

Mike Bukhin :

Mike Bukhin : i think looks good

Tod Sacerdoti : nice…looks good

Mike Bukhin : :wink:

Tod Sacerdoti : blind integrations are always the hardest :wink: