How Can I Contribute to the Development of a New Sales Automation Tool for Pipedream?

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Hey team - would love to be a first-time contributor for the development of :pipe: for a new sales automation tool called rift. Its API isn’t public at the moment (I submitted a Dropbox link to a .txt of its API schema).

I’m reading the docs on how to get started in prep but/and am a total n00b so will likely need a lot of hand-holding along the way. Would love to learn this as I work with a lot of early-stage startups with APIs that aren’t integrated with Pipedream yet and am currently writing my own custom code, where it would help Pipedream, my clients, and me if I were to make these into reusable PD components.

Let me know if there are other resources in addition to this that I should look at, otherwise will hopefully be able to start this on my own and ask more questions later. Thanks!

That’s the best resource for sure! Links to a few other resources (like the component API docs) that provide more detail.

Pi is also trained on these docs so it can answer questions about how to develop components.

Amazing! What is the best channel to ask Pi questions these days?

you’re in this channel yeah?

oops just got an error notification on the workflow, so it is in this channel but just need to fix that, one moment

Okay, awesome - I will probably get to this this weekend or next week so no rush! Stoked to work on it

Yes, I’m here to help you with your Pipedream questions. Feel free to ask anything related to Pipedream components and development, and I’ll do my best to assist you.