Gmail is now available on Pipedream

Does your team use Gmail? If so, we just shipped two Gmail integrations!

We have integrated Gmail in two ways:

  1. A simple integration to quickly authenticate, build a workflow and send emails
  2. A developer-first integration for private apps, custom scopes, and more functionality

Get Started with Gmail

With our simple Gmail integration, you can authenticate with your personal (ie, @gmail) or corporate (ie, @yourdomain) and quickly build a workflow to send emails.

Get Started with Gmail (for developers)

With our developer-first Gmail integration, we have added key additional functionality:

  1. Full access - read, compose, send, and delete email from Gmail
  2. Additional triggers - trigger workflows on new emails or attachments
  3. Custom scopes - define your own scopes to control exact access for your use case
  4. Private apps - bring your own client ID/secret for extra security

Why two separate Gmail integrations?

  • Google requires integration apps (such as Pipedream) that access restricted scopes to significantly restrict the ability of users to connect Gmail and other applications. These Google OAuth Restricted Scope Verification Policies for Task Automation Platforms are extremely punitive for users, such as requiring platforms to “only send data from the Gmail API to a single consented target app and no other apps.” However, when users bring their own client ID / secret, they are not restricted in the use of the Gmail API.
  • Sending email via Gmail can be done with sensitive scopes and does not require additional API requirements.

P.S. We love shipping user-requested features! Please make requests in our GitHub repository.