Generic IMAP mail reader

It would be awesome if we could read IMAP emails and trigger events much like outlook and gmail but not restricted to a particular provider like for example mailgun.
Zapier has an example that could be good to model against called ‘IMAP by Zapier’.

@rodenp I agree! Would you be open to helping contribute an event source for this? Anyone can create sources / triggers on Pipedream. I am not an IMAP expert, but I believe you’d be able to use something like this package to connect to your mailbox and fetch new messages. Each event source can use its own key-value store to manage state, so you could keep track of the last message processed in that manner.

Would you be interested in helping develop that? We’re happy to help you in any way.

Hi Dylan,

If i had the skills and time, I would be more willing, however I am not very familiar with back end development.
It would take me a long time to make this happen.
It doesn’t look so hard, from the little i read about the node-imap package.
For someone with backend knowledge this would probably be able to be created in a few hours or less.
I wonder if anyone else sees the value here and would be willing to contribute.

@rodenp No worries at all. I’ve added it to our backlog, and you can follow this issue for progress.

If anyone else sees this post and would like to contribute this (or any other) component, get started here.