Event Logs Button Greyed Out

I am trying to view the logs for an incoming event but the option is greyed out. I made a new workflow with “Disable Data Retention” unchecked. Am I missing something?

Hi @bridgette.gigi.arcxp,

Based on the information you’ve provided and the screenshot, it seems like you’re facing an issue with viewing logs for an incoming event, despite having “Disable Data Retention” unchecked in your new workflow settings.

Given the details, there are a few important points to consider:

  1. Data Retention Controls: As per the Pipedream documentation, disabling data retention means that Pipedream will not store any logs for workflow executions. Since you mentioned that “Disable Data Retention” is unchecked, logs should typically be available. However, it’s crucial to ensure this setting is correctly applied to the specific workflow you’re examining. Data Retention Controls Documentation

  2. Constraints on Data Retention: It’s also important to note that data retention controls do not apply to sources. This means that even if data retention is disabled for your workflow, Pipedream will still log inbound events for the source. However, since your issue involves a workflow and you’ve ensured data retention is enabled, this might not be directly related to your current problem but is good to keep in mind. Constraints Documentation

  3. Inspecting Events: If you’re trying to view logs for an incoming event and the option is greyed out, it might be related to how events are inspected within Pipedream. Ensure you’re looking in the correct section of the UI for event logs. Inspecting Events Documentation

Given these points, if you’ve confirmed that “Disable Data Retention” is indeed unchecked and you’re still unable to view logs, there might be a specific issue with the workflow or a temporary UI glitch. Here are a few steps you can try:

  • Double-check the Workflow Settings: Ensure that the “Disable Data Retention” setting is correctly applied to the workflow you’re trying to inspect.
  • Refresh the UI: Sometimes, a simple refresh or logging out and back into the Pipedream platform can resolve temporary UI issues.
  • Inspect in the Correct UI Section: Make sure you’re looking in the correct section of the Pipedream UI for viewing logs. The workflow inspector and event history are the primary places to check.

If after these steps you’re still facing issues, I recommend reaching out to Pipedream support for further assistance. They might be able to provide more specific guidance or

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Are you referring to the Input tab in your screenshot? What logs specifically are you trying to view that you aren’t able to?

Hi Danny, no the Logs tab right next to Input. Just any logs that come with the workflow, such as request logs.

All of the request logs for a webhook trigger are available in steps.trigger.event. The Logs tab is slightly misleading to show on the trigger, since that would typically be used if you console.log() something from a step within your workflow.

Is there a specific event or metadata you’re looking for that you can’t find in steps.trigger.event?

Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for the response.