Embed pipedream on webapp

Hi there,

Is there a way to embed pipedream components in to my webapp directly? This way I do not have to build connectors myself?

Ex: Full Zapier Experience | Zapier Platform UI Documentation

Hi @sahanDissanayake47,

Pipedream doesn’t currently offer a way to embed components directly into your web app like the Zapier Platform UI. However, you can use Pipedream workflows to handle the integration between different apps and APIs. You can create workflows using pre-built components from the Pipedream registry or write custom code steps to handle specific tasks.

If you’re looking for a specific integration or component, you can search for it in the Pipedream UI. If it doesn’t exist, you can submit a new integration request at New Pipedream Integration Request.
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Thank you!

I’m building a SaaS platform. Customers of this platform will connect to their own data sources and will need to send the aggregated data to my platform.

This is the current usecase.

We have the same case as @sahanDissanayake47. Are there any plans to release this soon? We want to embed Pipedream into our SaaS product to allow clients to build integrations themselves.

Hey there, we’re actually exploring this concept further now, and shared an update in our Slack community. Here’s the post we shared:

For years, we’ve heard over and over from developers that in order to support production use cases beyond internal workflows, they need to extend all the same capabilities of Pipedream inside their app, for their end users .

So we’ve been working on a new category of features to help app developers ship integrations 10x faster. We’re calling this Pipedream Connect , and we’d love to hear what you think:

  • Managed Auth: One of the core features of Pipedream is managed auth, which lets you quickly connect your account and make authenticated requests to more than 2,000 APIs. You don’t have to worry about handling OAuth grants, token refresh, or securely storing sensitive tokens. With Pipedream Connect, your users can easily link their accounts from any of these APIs.
  • Embeddable UI Components: Pipedream has developed tens of thousands of custom form fields that we use as component props to surface API operations in a UI — everything from common actions like selecting a Slack channel, to more complex functionality like defining custom object properties in HubSpot. We’re exposing these as UI components you can use directly in your app. We handle pagination, defaults, labels, and let you customize the styling to match your app.
  • Invoke workflows programmatically: Invoke workflows on behalf of your end users, directly from your code.

This product is in its early days. If any of these capabilities resonate with you and your team, we want to hear from you! Please check out the site and sign up for the waitlist so we can chat with you directly.