ClickUp Source filter by space and list id

Hi I’m currently setting up a ClickUp source to monitor new task / comment posted and trigger certain workflows. I noticed the current ClickUp source in Pipedream cannot filter by space or list eg. new comments. I’m just afraid this will fire unnecessary events calls.

In ClickUp Webhook documentation you can actually create hook that focus on certain space or list id. Webhooks

Just wondering how do we go about this?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hello @aarontan.themakeover,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you!

I think Pipedream’s Filter helpers is what you need. Using it, you can define a Filter step to only continue the workflow if the event coming for a desired space of list.

Please refer to the Pipedream’s Filter helpers for details and tutorials

Thanks @vunguyenhung for the tips!
But will this still consume the invocation from the sources?

In that case your source would still increment invocations and emit to your workflow, yes.

Its sounds like we should add those as optional props on the ClickUp sources to avoid the unnecessary invocations and make the configuration more flexible.

@vunguyenhung can you get those on the board for the team?

Sure @danny! I’m going to create a ticket now!

I’ve created a ticket here and add it to our Component backlog > Prioritized column

Hi @aarontan.themakeover, kindly subscribe to the ticket to be noticed when it landed. After the feature is implemented you can re-create the source and select the desired List.

Thank you so much @danny @vunguyenhung this will help a lot. As monitoring all comments emitted from 30+ users can be overwhelming.

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