Can someone tell me what AWS APIS are being used with the Pipedream OPEN AI Connection?

What is a typical used case with OPEN AI and AMAZON API:s i am not clear about what AMAZON APIs are used here.? Is this OPEN AI APIS free of charge?

Hello @sonang,

First off, welcome to Pipedream! Happy to have you!

Pipedream uses Open AI API directly (without using AWS APIs). To use the Pipedream Open AI Integration, you’ll need to provide your API Key that connected to your Open AI account. So Open AI might charge you for the use of their APIs. Please refer to Open AI pricing page for more info

On Pipedream, you can use Open AI Integration free of charge within the limit of Pipedream Free Tier. You can subscribe to a paid plan to have more benefits, please refer to Pipedream Pricing page for more info

Sorry but Im from AWS i want to know what this thing is what i received PipedreamPipedream

[Integrate the OpenAI API with the AWS API - Pipedream|attachment](

The question stil is what does this Information i got from Pipedream do with AWS

PLease see my reply *i need to use this with AWS

Hi @sonang,

The page you’re referring to is the helper page recommending the ways that users can leverage Pipedream’s prebuilt Open AI and AWS sources and actions. For example, you can have a scheduled task on AWS that trigger sending a prompt to Open AI to and receive the answer.

I recommend you to read through Pipedream getting started doc to understand how Pipedream works

Yes i already looked at the docs, but did not see specifically anything with Open AI. and AWS. I do understand the example with SLACK and OPEN AI for example. But the question is What in AWS are we talking about? AWS is a HUGE CLOUD, are we talking about Lambda ? which AWS services or API are we talking about? IS there a better example?

What are the AAWS sources and Actions is a better question

Hi @sonang,

Pipedream offers various AWS actions and sources that you can find here. You can find an example for the use of Pipedream AWS action in this Pipedream speedrun video

All Pipedream AWS actions and sources are open source here. Pipedream implements those AWS actions & sources using AWS Node.js SDK, which is available for everyone.

Thanks this is what i was looking for

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