GitHub Sync

GitHub Sync

Pipedream is excited to announce the launch of GitHub Sync, our most requested feature. See the quickstart to get started.

When GitHub Sync is enabled, Pipedream will serialize your workflows and sync changes to a GitHub repo. GitHub Sync is for Advanced & Business customers but all customers can preview it by creating a new project.

Major new capabilities include:

- Bi-directional GitHub sync (push and pull changes)

- Edit in development branches

- Track commit and merge history

- Create PRs and merge from GitHub or use a local editor

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Getting started

Projects are a new concept we are introducing to Pipedream.

A project may contain one or more workflows and may be organized using nested folders. Each project may be synced to a single GitHub repo.

- Go to

- Create a new project

- Enter a project name and check the box to Configure GitHub Sync

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Create a branch to edit a project

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To edit a git-backed project you must create a development branch by clicking Edit > Create Branch

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Local development

Projects that use GitHub Sync may be edited outside of Pipedream. You can edit and commit directly via GitHub’s UI or clone the repo locally and use your preferred editor (e.g., VSCode).

To test external edits in Pipedream:

- Commit and push local changes to your development branch

- Open the project in Pipedream and load your development branch

- Use the Git Actions menu to pull changes from GitHub

Please let us know if you see any bugs, want to suggest a feature, or just want to chat.

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