Bring your own OAuth clients

Bring your own OAuth clients

We are excited to announce support for custom OAuth clients in Pipedream!

By default, OAuth apps use our official OAuth client. When you connect your account, you grant Pipedream the requested permissions (scopes), regardless of the needs or security requirements of your specific use case.

Now, you can provide your own OAuth client and define your own scopes, giving you complete control over the authorization process.

Key features:

  • Define the exact scopes you need for your use case
  • Control the OAuth client requesting access to your account
  • Comply with internal security requirements
  • Visit documentation for details
Create New OAuth client

Configuring & connecting OAuth clients

You can add custom OAuth clients in minutes:

  • Create an OAuth client for an app (such as GitHub)
  • Visit the OAuth clients page in Pipedream
  • Click New OAuth Client and select the app
  • Enter the required fields
  • Click Save

Once you've created the OAuth client, anyone in your workspace can connect their account and use the account in workflow:

Robot exploring a forest of integrations

Let us know any feedback or questions! We'd love to see what you build.

Warm regards,
The Pipedream Team