Weworkbook is a cloud-based software service that helps training organizations increase enrollments and reduce costs.

Integrate the Weworkbook API with the Schedule API

Setup the Weworkbook API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Schedule API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate Weworkbook and Schedule remarkably fast. Free for developers.

Custom Interval from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow every N hours, minutes or seconds.

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Daily schedule from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow every day.

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Monthly Schedule from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow on one or more days each month at a specific time (with timezone support).

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Weekly schedule from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow on one or more days each week at a specific time (with timezone support).

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Overview of Weworkbook

Let’s explore what you can do with the weworkbook API. The we workbook
makes it easy to integrate business solutions
with your own applications and tools. With it you can quickly and easily access
core features of our service such as task management, messaging, and analytics.

Using the weworkbook API, you can develop solutions that make work easier and
more efficient by:

  • Managing tasks - Automating tasks, assigning them to individuals or groups,
    and tracking progress in real-time.
  • Sending messages - Create conversations and participate in threads, add or
    remove recipients, hide conversations, and mark messages as read or unread.
  • Analyzing data - Analyze data from multiple sources, visualize data, create
    reports and dashboards, identify trends, and locate insights.
  • Accessing third-party APIs - Connect with a wide range of third-party
    applications and data sources to extend the capabilities of the WeWorkbook

In addition, with the WeWorkbook API you can build:

  • Common applications - Create web or mobile applications for team
    collaboration and collaboration with external partners.
  • Custom solutions - Build interface solutions such as custom links,
    multi-screen applications, and integrated tools.
  • Reporting tools - Build reporting and visualization tools to gain insights
    and track performance.
  • Automation solutions - Deliver automated solutions such as automation of
    processes and workflows.
  • Chat bots - Construct bots that understand natural language and respond to
    interactions consistently and intelligently.

Connect Weworkbook

import { axios } from "@pipedream/platform"
export default defineComponent({
  props: {
    weworkbook: {
      type: "app",
      app: "weworkbook",
  async run({steps, $}) {
    return await axios($, {
      url: `https://api.weworkbook.com/api/v1/courses`,
      headers: {
        Authorization: `Bearer ${this.weworkbook.$auth.oauth_access_token}`,

Overview of Schedule

With Schedule - A trigger provided by Pipedream - You can easily build
automated workflows that run on regular times or intervals. Some examples of
things that you can build using the Schedule API include:

  • Automated data retrieval from a third-party service, like pulling stats from
    your Salesforce account on a set schedule.
  • Uploading new data sets to a database with a predetermined interval.
  • Automatic emails to customers or leads at a certain time of the day.
  • Automating data analysis based on a set schedule.
  • Automatically optimizing social media postings according to a specified
  • Updating webpages at a certain interval with newly available content.
  • Re-running reports on a periodic basis.
  • Refreshing a cache of data at a given frequency.