Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details & user data of the businesses that visit your website.

Integrate the Visitor Queue API with the Schedule API

Setup the Visitor Queue API trigger to run a workflow which integrates with the Schedule API. Pipedream's integration platform allows you to integrate Visitor Queue and Schedule remarkably fast. Free for developers.

New Lead from the Visitor Queue API

Emit new event when a new Waiver sign is received. See docs here

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Custom Interval from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow every N hours, minutes or seconds.

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Daily schedule from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow every day.

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Monthly Schedule from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow on one or more days each month at a specific time (with timezone support).

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Weekly schedule from the Schedule API

Trigger your workflow on one or more days each week at a specific time (with timezone support).

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Overview of Visitor Queue

The Visitor Queue API is an application programming interface that simplifies
website visitor data capture, lead collection, and automation. With this API,
website owners can design, develop, and deploy more successful online
applications and experiences.

Using the Visitor Queue API, website owners can take full advantage of their
website visitor data to improve customer acquisition, sales, and more.

Examples of things you can achieve with the Visitor Queue API:

  • Something as simple as captures form information and send a tailored message
    to the customer.
  • Generate leads with an interactive web form.
  • Track visitor behavior on a website and send user-specific alerts.
  • Create and populate visitor profiles to measure user engagement.
  • Automatically invite visitors to join a mailing list, schedule personalized
    messages, or integrate with APIs and databases.
  • Trigger custom, automated sales campaigns from visitor behavior.
  • Detect, identify, and flag malicious website activity.
  • Gather usage data in order to optimize the website experience for visitors.
  • Create bespoke data visualizations and analytics to analyze the performance
    and effectiveness of campaigns.

Connect Visitor Queue

import { axios } from "@pipedream/platform"
export default defineComponent({
  props: {
    visitor_queue: {
      type: "app",
      app: "visitor_queue",
  async run({steps, $}) {
    return await axios($, {
      url: ``,
      headers: {
        "Authorization": `Token ${this.visitor_queue.$auth.api_key}`,

Overview of Schedule

With Schedule - A trigger provided by Pipedream - You can easily build
automated workflows that run on regular times or intervals. Some examples of
things that you can build using the Schedule API include:

  • Automated data retrieval from a third-party service, like pulling stats from
    your Salesforce account on a set schedule.
  • Uploading new data sets to a database with a predetermined interval.
  • Automatic emails to customers or leads at a certain time of the day.
  • Automating data analysis based on a set schedule.
  • Automatically optimizing social media postings according to a specified
  • Updating webpages at a certain interval with newly available content.
  • Re-running reports on a periodic basis.
  • Refreshing a cache of data at a given frequency.