Verifalia is a fast and accurate email verification service which identifies deliverable, invalid, or otherwise risky email addresses in real-time: it stops bad and low-quality emails getting into your systems, reduces bounce rates and keeps your campaigns deliverable.

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Verifalia API Integrations

Build and run workflows using the Verifalia API. Use 1000s of open source triggers and actions across 800+ apps. Or write custom code to integrate any app or API in seconds.

import { VerifaliaRestClient } from "verifalia"
export default defineComponent({
  props: {
    verifalia: {
      type: "app",
      app: "verifalia",
  async run({steps, $}) {
    const verifaliaClient = new VerifaliaRestClient({
    	username: this.verifalia.$auth.username,
    	password: this.verifalia.$auth.password

    return await verifaliaClient
    	.submit('', true);


Verifalia uses API keys for authentication. When you connect your Verifalia account, Pipedream securely stores the keys so you can easily authenticate to Verifalia APIs in both code and no-code steps.

In order to connect Verifalia with Pipedream, enter your Verifalia username and password below.

  • To learn more about how Verifalia handles authentication, see their documentation.
  • Make sure to use a strong and unique password for Verifalia.